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Employability, driven by real life work experience, essential work ready skills and a solid understanding of how to apply your personal attributes, is arguably as important as a degree. We will accelerate your employability and your career.

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Experience You Can Trust

Resurgo have worked with thousands of young adults, successfully equipping them to stand out from the crowd and become more employable. Careers and personal development shouldn’t be left to chance.

Graduate Jobs & Recruitment Experts

We’re proud to offer all our participants an opportunity to have a consultation and register directly with Give A Grad A Go, a market-leading jobs and early-career recruitment agency. They have helped over 4,000 candidates find graduate jobs at 800+ of the UK’s most exciting companies.

Social Impact

For every participant who completes the Employability Accelerator, a donation goes to the Spear Programme that supports employability for disadvantaged groups.


Chloe Long

“The work experience project allowed us to effectively work on our own personal goals. For example, I felt confident when given the opportunity to pitch a product due to the tailored coaching I received.”

Andrew Donald

“The programme was excellently run with very good quality coaching. Alongside this, the work experience project was interesting. We had real responsibility and it was valuable to know we were actually contributing to the business.”

Sophie Crawford

“My experience was a really valuable opportunity to build on skills which have helped me to find success in my current university work and beyond. I formed strong connections with my team and received expert guidance.”

George Moore

“The programme was very educational and insightful. It was a unique experience to be able to have coaching to support you through the challenge of the work experience project.”

Samantha Scott

“My highlights were building relationships with the coaches and other students, meaning I was confident and comfortable when challenging myself throughout the various tasks.”

Vraj Patel

“Being able to get constructive feedback in many areas allowed me to improve. I feel confident I can put it all into practice in the workplace.”

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Please send an email to: enquiries@employabilityaccelerator.com

Our team will respond as soon as possible, and usually within 24 hours.

By Email

Please send an email to: enquiries@employability

Our team will respond as soon as possible, and usually within 24 hours.