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Employability Accelerator was started with the realisation that the turbulent work environment was being thrusted upon the next generation without warning and that it was imperative to find ways to get ahead.

Programme Timetable

Over the course of two weeks, you will work on a real-life group project that will help us build upon the dynamic and modern Ten business. Blended with FTSE 500 recognised coaching, this unique combination will allow you to immediately put fundamental work-readiness skills into action.

As shown in green, Resurgo Coaches will work with you every morning in group and individual sessions. These sessions include career-focused 1:1s, CV mentoring, powerful interview techniques and the opportunity to practice these through mock interviews. Group coaching topics include utilising their personal network, effective communication with different personality types and GROW coaching. You will apply the skills gained in these sessions within your project and you will graduate from the program with the confidence and tools to be successful in the future.

We allocate most afternoons to the work experience project. Groups will collaborate, dividing up tasks which build key skills such as communication, research, analysis, strategy, marketing, design and sales and persuasion. The end result will be a product pitch and final presentation to a panel of experts at Ten. We understand everyone will have individual goals for the Programme; so to allow for personalised experiences, we have created broad projects covering multiple areas within the business, giving you the freedom to choose which areas you want to focus on. Working hand-in-hand with the work experience project are the Ten Learning Academy sessions, shown in orange. These sessions cover topics essential for both the delivery of the project and your future career, including presentation skills and time management.

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The Work Experience Process

Choose the Project

From the selection

Assign Roles & Research

Self and expert-led

Design & Prepare

The product pitch and presentation

Present & Receive Feedback

Will your ideas be taken forward for campaign consideration?

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Ten are the World’s leading concierge business, watch below to find out more:

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