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The Programme will give all participants a head-start no matter their experience level. It is the next step in your career, in which you will receive 1:1 coaching as well as project work in a group of peers with similar experience. If you are still unsure, please click ‘apply now’ and book in a call to speak with a member of our team who can address your worries and advise you further.

Our research shows that employers value ‘real life’ work experience at every stage of their selection process. We also know that if work experience entails a ‘made up’ project, or an over ambitious project, or even shadowing at too senior a level, it isn’t actually that valuable for the participant. We have designed the work experience provided by Ten Group to involve real projects, with real colleagues and managers, and demanding the ‘real world’ use of the relevant skills and training provided on the Program. The work experience on the program will have a lasting positive impact on the business and you – giving you evidence of the drive and skill to deliver, even during a period of unemployment.

Our highly experienced colleagues at Ten will set you a defined group project. This will be a real project that will help build the dynamic and modern Ten business. Most projects cover sectors that you can easily grasp – such as leisure, travel and entertainment. On each project, your group will collaborate, dividing up tasks which build key skills such as communication, research, analysis, strategy, marketing, design and sales and persuasion. The end result is a final presentation and a project launch to real customers. We understand that some participants have individual goals for the Programme; to allow for personalised experiences, we have created broad projects covering multiple areas within the business, giving you the freedom to choose which areas you want to focus on

Yes. Within the work experience project, you will decide on how to best manage your team. Each participant will have a clear role with their own responsibility, giving them leadership over that aspect. The intense coaching also develops leadership skills.

We provide a unique method of developing the core skills identified by leading employers in today’s job market. We also help to develop the ever-important digital skills of our groups without losing any of the benefits of more personal guidance. We have blended the best of employability coaching with the most comprehensive and engaging online resources and with practical, hands-on work experience that is difficult to find anywhere at this current time. The Programme prevents any major gaps in develops skills, builds confidence, strengthens CVs and the overall employability of participants during these competitive and challenging times.

Absolutely. The programme provides you with useful skills and specialised knowledge delivered by the leaders in employability and skills coaching. The practical work experience is invaluable and demonstrable through recruitment processes. Upon completing the programme, the skills you have gained will put you ahead of other young people competing for the same jobs and help secure you the job you want, faster. Bearing this in mind, the cost of the programme will have been completely paid back upon receiving your first month’s wages.

The risk of delayed employment could otherwise be high, as young professionals are expected, for several years, to face higher rates of unemployment than both the 1990-92 and 2008-09 graduate job recessions.

Monday to Friday, with a typical day starting at 9.15am and finishing at 4.30pm, with appropriate breaks and 45 minutes for lunch. However, start times will vary depending on the structure of the day.

Each programme group typically has up to 10 people with regular 1:1 coaching and smaller group work, completed in a peer ‘team’ group of up to 5.

Coaching is a process designed to maximise performance. We provide coaching in two main formats: the first is group coaching where you and your peers will be taught specific employability skills and coached as a group to ensure thorough implementation. Second, is 1:1 coaching where a coach will help you unlock your maximum professional and personal potential.

A coach is a qualified professional that works with individuals (usually executives, but often high-potential employees) to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.

Coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board for their clients. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, help achieve clarity, provide resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice. They administer and help interpret 360-degree and behavioural assessments, conduct confidential interviews to help a client gain self-awareness, and establish development goals.

At the conclusion of the Programme, our expert graduate recruiter Paul Currer will coach you about how to best demonstrate your experiences on your CV, in cover letters and in job interviews, allowing you to stand out from the competition. We measure our success by the success of those who pass through the Employability Accelerator Programme.

No. As you complete the Programme as part of a group, everyone is expected to follow the 2 week structure. Routine and punctuality is an important part of work experience, so our goal is to replicate the structure of the working day as much as possible, similar to an ‘in-person’ experience. Please let us know if you have specific commitments during a desired Programme – we can try to accommodate this, as appropriate.

Definitely! On the first day we carry out ice breaking exercises and we schedule regular ‘social’ meetings on top of team tasks designed to create cohesion within the group. The ability to build positive relationships is highly valued by employers – and enjoyable too.

Our participants are typically between the ages of 18 and 30. If you would like to ask more about this or explore options, please book a time for us to give you a call. We’d be delighted to discuss further.

All you need to get started is a stable Wi-Fi connection, and computer with a webcam and microphone.
Before the start of the program, we will provide you with all the key contact details and resources that you made need at any point during the Programme.

Ten will provide a LinkedIn recommendation and relevant endorsements where requested. You will be given practice and tips on how to leverage the program and work experience in applications, interviews and on your CV.

Please contact our dedicated team to find out more about the availability of our programmes running in October and onwards.

As long as you haven’t started the programme, you may cancel or request to change dates any time within 14 days from the day after you initially secured your place. Should you wish to discuss your participation in the programme once you’ve begun, please contact

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